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Video Clips

On this page there are a couple of different categories of video clip. Some were made by Harvest Plus volunteers following visits to Bulgaria, others were made by Anglia TV News during the collection of food at harvest time.

The intention is that new clips will not be put on this page. You will be able to find other video clips throughout the site on the pages appropriate to their subject.

A thank-you message
video clip

An 8 minute Thank-You message from the 2007 project year.

Anglia News - 1
video clip

The first of two clips which featured on Anglia News some time ago when Harvest for the Hungry was not so well known in Essex. Children help pack some food aid parcels in a school.

Anglia News - 2
video clip

The second of two clips which featured on Anglia News. In this one we see one of the lorries being loaded and waved off. Note that there are some innacuracies in the commentary.