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Harvest Plus January 2014 Update

Although we have not sent any food boxes this year we continue to support the work in Bulgaria.

Summer Camps

In July, we supported a summer camp for underprivileged children in the Panichishte resort of the beautiful Rila Mountain.  Time was spent sharing, singing, playing together, treasure hunts in the forest, face painting, and swimming.

The interest in summer camps is growing bigger and bigger with each consecutive year. Last year, we helped the underprivileged children from Strumyani, Sandanski and Dolno Draglishte.

Half Way Houses

Summer 2013 saw 5 new residents in the halfway houses we support. Although they all have been in school for 11 years, either special needs or mainstream schools, most of them still need lessons in literacy, in the basics of counting, as well as in orientation in time and space. A special needs teacher conducts lessons with Vasko twice a week.

Due to the teacher’s work with him since July, Vasko can now differentiate colours, the Bulgarian bank notes and the four seasons. Since joining the programme, Vasko has learned how to peel potatoes and cucumbers, how to wash dishes, etc. This may seem a minor issue, but for people from institutions like Vasko, learning such life skills marks an achievement in their lives. The young people who join our programme are accompanied by an ocean of needs – emotional, physical, spiritual. Besides helping in many other areas, our social workers go with the residents to hospital appointments and help them receive the proper medical treatment. Finding and maintaining a job has been one of the most difficult problems to resolve with our new residents.  However, we are glad that out of 9 residents in two halfway houses, currently 7 residents have a job. Because of the low degree of education they possess, their jobs are usually very low paid.

One of the new residents is Yotka. Although she had planned moving to the girl’s halfway house a year in advance, in the last month before graduating from school, under the influence of “friends”, she decided that she wanted to live “freely”. In spite of the advice of people who knew her and knew of the potential traps she may fall in, she did not listen and tried the “free” life. Fortunately, it didn’t take long until Yotka realized her naive decision and requested the help of the Half Way House.

Church Buildings

The church building at Vershats has been completed since May 2012 and the work continues to grow.  We have been able to supply and install the small heating and air conditioning unit.  We also financially support the work of the Pastor at the church and look to see the work develop.