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Harvest 2012 report

Two lorries filled with approximately 40 tons of humanitarian aid food boxes left Chelmsford on 16th October 2012 for Bulgaria.  One lorry went to Strumjani in South Bulgaria and one to Lom, North West Bulgaria. 

The following pictures show some of the aid being distributed:

Strumjani store room

The Strumjani lorry was unloaded and its contents temporarily stored. The boxes were counted and then distributed to local needy situations.


Sandanski Day Center was given some special chairs that provide the support that disabled people need.

Sandanski Day Centre
Sandanski Day Centre
Sandanski Day Centre
Sandanski Day Centre

A wheelchair was given to a poor family which needed it


The gifts that were distributed in Bobov Dol were mainly clothes, children’s clothes, winter hats; also pens, pencils, razors, toothpaste. Boxes of flour and rice were given for the prison kitchen.

Bobov Dol Prison
Bobov Dol Prison

November 21st was Christian Family Day. The prisoners had the opportunity to meet their families and to receive gifts of humanitarian aid.

Bobov Dol
Bobov Dol
Bobov Dol

Some of the prisoners wrote letters to express their thanks:

Letter 1

Letter 2

"I want to express my gratitude for the nice gifts that you ensured for us and for our children. On November 21st 2012 in the prison there was a celebration on the occasion of Christian Family Day. For us the prisoners this day was a double celebration, because we got to hug our children and wives. Thanks to you our children received wonderful gifts.
I’m happy that there are good people like you, who think about prisoners.
Thank you once again!

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

"With this letter we all, from group 3, Bobov Dol Prison, and my family, would like to thank you for the gifts and the celebration despite the economical crisis, and we are happy that someone thinks about us, even though we are prisoners. That’s why we want to express our genuine gratitude and we hope that in the future there will be such celebrations, so we could be closer to our children and relatives."

Dear Malcolm,

I’m sending you some photos sent by Penka from distributing the humanitarian aid in Strumyani Municipality. There are a few from our Christmas trip to a village from the municipality called Razdol. Every year we go and visit there a home and two halfway houses for women with mental disturbances. One of the ladies from the halfway houses was wearing a hat and a scarf from your donation.

We are waiting for more photos, as well as a report from the Strumyani Municipality for the distribution of the aid.

Best regards,

Angel (Star of Hope)

Disabled man receives aid
Distributing food Family food box
Family food box Family food box
Family food box Family food box
 Wheelchairs in Razdol

On behalf of all the people in Strumyani Municipality an also on my behalf, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generosity and compassion.

Please, accept our appreciation for the generous gesture, with which you brought joy to many people. Thanks to your humane act many underprivileged people received food and medical supplies that they need. With the bags that were part of your donation, you facilitated us with the distributing. With the warm clothes that you provided, many people’s hearts were warmed. Many immobile sick adults and children received wheelchairs, walkers and medical mattresses and this way you made them feel valuable and meaningful. We distributed the wheelchairs to: the Home for People with Mental Disturbances in Razdol village, the Day Center in Sandanski, and to families that needed them, but couldn’t afford buying one. - STRUMYANI MUNICIPALITY, January 2013

Harvest Plus

Thank You for helping to make all this possible.