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November 2008 Visit report

Three lorries filled with 66 tons of humanitarian aid food boxes and one fire engine left Chelmsford on 21st October 2008 for Bulgaria.  One lorry went to Blagoevgrad in South West Bulgaria and two to Lom, North West Bulgaria. 

The following are the main headlines of the team’s visit (9-16 November) to oversee the distribution, find out what other needs might be met, and to bring back the pictures and reports:

Lom store room

All the food boxes were delivered to the central store house in the grounds of a vacant school. The boxes were counted and then distributed to local needy situations.

Token deliveries of boxes were made to the following, with assurances that the main distribution would be made shortly by the appropriate municipality:
orphanage children
delivering to an orphanage
children’s and young people’s homes  
old people’s homes
An old peoples home
An old peoples home

The desperately poor individual homes often without electricity or running water.

A family box
cooking facilities
We delivered much needed medical equipment to the local hospital.
medical equipment
medical equipment
The fire engine was registered with Bulgarian number plates and delivered to Lom Municipal Fire Station.
New fire engine
Old fire engines
Some more pictures of just a few of the people who were helped this year:
Family with a new blanket
Another family box
Recipient of a family box
Decorated boxes in Lom store
Girl in a home for children with disabilities
Another orphanage
A caravan home
The H4H away team
Harvest Plus
Thank You for helping to make all this possible.