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Lom Learning Centre

For the last few years Harvest Plus has been helping to support the learning centre run by George and Natalia in Lom. This was set up to provide extra support for local children who for whatever reason had difficuly learning in the normal school environment. We have used some of the money you donated to provide educational and IT equipment and materials. In 2008 we were also given some tables that had become surplus to requirements in the UK. These were shipped out on the lorries with the food boxes and some of them were used here.

The short video clip below shows a delivery being made to the centre during the Harvest Plus teams visit in November 2008, when a token delivery of one of the tables was made there with some of the boxes. The bulk of the equpment was delivered later.

video clip The short report on the right comes from Rady Apostolov, our 'man on the scene' in Bulgaria.

The pictures show some of the computer equipment and writing materials that were donated and transported out from the UK in November 2009 in use at the centre.


Every day come between 15-20 children. They come at am 12 and stay until pm 5. During this time they spend 3 hours (with some short breaks) preparing their homeworks, then they have some time to play educational games with the teachers, after that they spend some time on the computers - with teachers as well, helping them learn how to work with computers and how to use internet and finally, as a reward at the end of the day, they are allowed to play a little bit of computer games also with the supervision of the teachers. As a result of all this monthly help that supports the centre there is visible progress in many of the children. Nataliya told me about one particular child - a boy, named Miro. When he came to her centre three years ago at the of 7 he could not speak and was very pent up, kept aside from the other children. Now, three years later he speaks, socializes with the other children, he gets good marks at school and is very good at computers. He comes to the centre with his sister. Their mother is mentally ill, that is why their grandmother takes care of them.

computer in use
laser printer
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