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Blankets, Hats and Scarves - the Big Knit
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Some of our supporters work all year round to help us to provide aid to those in need. One such group meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at Maldon Baptist Church for lunch, a laugh and The Big Knit.

Helpers turn up at noon with their lunch and their knitting needles ready to set about the task, producing woollen squares which are joined together to make blankets, plus hats and scarves to help keep out the cold. The picture on the right shows some of the people involved in the knitting.

Some of the finished blankets and other items are shown below. You can get more information about what they do and how to join the group from the Maldon Baptist Church website, www.maldonbaptistchurch.org.uk

Blankets are taken on the lorries with the food parcels at harvest time, and distributed to those that need them in late autumn/early winter along with some of the food that you have donated.

Here are some pictures of the blankets and other items in their new homes in Bulgaria.

Resident of the half way house with new blankets

These blankets are in a half-way house, or shelter for homeless people, near Lom.

Lady with blanket
This blanket has found its place keeping one of the residents of an old peoples home warm.

This one is keeping a baby warm in the room he shares with his three sisters and aunt. His mother has gone away to look for work.

man with hat
Here are a couple of the hats that were made now being worn by residents of an old peoples home near Berkovitsa in Bulgaria.
Finally, a picture of a blanket that was given to a family. These people with four other members of their extended family live in what we would consider to be apalling conditions in a two room house near Lom.

At the time of writing in 2008, about 150 blankets had been made and distributed to those that need them in Bulgaria. With 99, 7 inch, squares to each blanket, that's nearly 15,000 squares that have been produced and stitched together!

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