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The ambulances

3rd November 2007 saw the departure of Harvest Plus ambulance number 3 on it's 1600 mile journey to Eastern Europe. This one was destined to become the best of Lom hospitals fleet of three vehicles. Lom is a town in the north of Bulgaria in the province of Montana. Like much of rural Bulgaria, unemployment levels are high and money for essential services is in short supply.

Ambulance 3 with volunteers
The team of 3 Harvest Plus volunteers pose in front of ambulance number 3 at the beginning of their long drive.
The ambulance at the beginning of its journey. It left the car park at Springfield Park Baptist Church, Chelmsford amid the flashes and bangs of the neighbourhood Guy Fawkes firework parties.
Ambulance 3 on its way
The old ambulance The old ambulance at Lom hospital which amulance number 3 is replacing. It doesn't look like this one has moved under its own power for quite a while.
New ambulance at its destination
Lom Hospital with its new ambulance. Later in the week it was given a Bulgarian MOT test and a set of new number plates to make it feel more at home.


Our first ambulance found a place at the old peoples home in Bistrilitsa where it is now being used to take residents from the home to the local hospital when they need treatment.

The second ambulance is now being used as the sole emergency vehicle stationed at Berkovitsa hospital. More pictures of the first two ambulances and their stories here later.

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